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Furniture for the "Bellevue di Monaco"

March 13, 2017



Finally, after almost a years time, students from the faculty of design of the University of applied science, presented the results of their work to the public.
Initiated by Matthias Marschner from http://www.hirnerundriehl.de/, supervised by me and supported by Maurus Reisenthel (https://www.goin.de/) the students under Prof. Florian Petri developed chair and table for the http://bellevuedimonaco.de/, an asylum for refugees in the center of Munich.
The furniture will be produced by Goin and furnish the café and the rooms of the Asylum. In a complex process, the refugees will be involved in the production, giving them the possibilty to personalise the pieces in a subtle way and leaving a long-lasting imprint of their stay in the Bellevue.







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