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„Reef is radical, a cutting-edge range“, emphasises Michael Geldmacher, who together with his working partner Eva Paster has a fondness for climbing difficult mountains.

California’s El Capitan, the working title for the wardrobe system, is such a challenge. Reef is revolutionary, but in its arrays and stacks of cabinet elements it is still „interlübke“.

Nevertheless, the concept breaks with the uniformity of the surface and the closed front. The wardrobe as a sculpture, a relief? A balancing act for „storage space“ as a function? „It is not a 3D transformation of the surface“, explains Eva Paster, „the spatial effect grows out of the ensemble of offset elements. High or low, playful or functional: they have defined purposes. Think of a reef full of life, structured according to the needs of its inhabitants.“ reef transfers this principle: clothing, jewellery, books, porcelain – an entire microcosm needs to be housed, ordered

or admired in the spatial structure „wardrobe“. Consistent with this idea, the range also reveals a haptically designed interior containing innovative mechanisms and fixtures.




for Interlübke



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