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Finally we got it: the build-in wardrobe a la Moormann. Admittedly, it has take some time to develop the basic concept, to design details such as the walls, doors, draws and shelves - all those bits that make a wardrobe. But in typical Moormann style there are always a few clever extras: the hinges are specially designed, no tools are required for assembly, the system can be expanded endlessly and provides maximum flexibility even as far as two-sided access - and all this, of course, made of plywood! A whole year long did the creative heads of Neuland Industriedesign and Moormann work on this project - endless prototypes have been created, setbacks and great steps forward have been marking the road to success - in short: a lot of ingenious brainwaves and totally useless ideas later, the design team at Neuland now knows all too well why the process was so difficult: nobody could manage to tame Moormann’s favourite material, the beloved plywood, on such a large scale. 

The solution: transform your weakest point into a feature!

„As I was doodling along one evening I found myself more or less accidentally graphically breaking up a surface with fine lines and immediately called these relaxation cracks“, tells Michael Geldmacher. „We had suddenly hit on the solution of the problem!“ By systematically placing cuts, thus placing weakness into the space, the tension gets lifted. A newly developed hinge system cleverly connects not only the separate elements such as walls, backing elements and doors but also serves to install the flexible internal make-up of the wardrobe. The end result is a well thought-through and extremely flexible system which can be expanded endlessly and can even be used as a room-divider as the individual elements can be made accessible from both sides.




for Moormann



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