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The initial idea for the storage-system Blio comes from the traditional concept of a bi-blio-teca: 

The fascinating visual impact of bookshelves in lateral view, that you can only explore by entering one of the dividing corridors. The active way of entering a bookshelf instead of just standing in front of it, intensifies the often thematized subject of immersing into the world of books.

Of course BLIO is not a public library, but a touch of library for your office or your home - just as Blio is a glimpse of the word bi-blio-teca.

This concept also implicates a new appearance of bookshelf: 

Usually you enter a room, looking at the side of a bookshelf (which is mostly not the sunny side). What a disappointment: You are curious in this very first moment, but you see only a board and maybe some narrow coloured stripes generated by the spines. While finally relaxing on your couch, all the backs of your books are taking your attention. 

With Blio it´s the opposite: Standing in the door, you are attracted by a composition of spines. While chilling on your sofa, you see nothing but a quiet arrangement of white surfaces. You´re in the mood of reading? Then it´s time to explore Blio´s secret compartments.



Blio for Kristalia



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